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I kicked Marc, and set down a plate of crepes and eggs and told him to eat up. I returned to the kitchen and finished cooking breakfast for myself and sat down to enjoy it. I got halfway through my first crepe and the phone rang. It was some lady with a bad accent trying to sell me a long distance calling plan. I'd been waiting for this call since I got my phone hooked up. I didn't bother getting a plan right away, so I thought i'd just wait for these assholes to call and I'd say yes. After i was finished talking, I hung up the phone and told marc I'd gotten a long distance plan.
"I thought everyone had that plan automatically? They do in Montreal.. this BC Telus shit is fucked up." Marc said to me.
"No, I didn't even have a plan, thats why I accepted this one"
I sat in silence thinking about what was troubling me and smoked my menthol cigarette without taking a break between drags."So, this morning I went to the bank to take out money to buy strawberries and things for crepes, and for some reason, i only have thirty dollars left in my bank," I said to marc as I took another drag of my cigarette.
"Oh?" He replied curiously.
"Yeah, and like, two days ago I had three hundred. The only people that have my bank account number is my mother and my sister and i'm pretty sure they can only deposit money in my account, not take out," I explained.
"Yeah," He agreed.
"So, either some stole it, or in my sleep I went to the bank and took out like two hundred bucks and bought drugs or something"
"Hahaha! Let's go with that,"
"Yeah, let's. Only, i'm going to have to somehow come up with like 250 dollars in the next week in a half so i can..."
"..What?" I asked him in confusion, although I already knew what had happened subconciously.
"Nothing," He said hiding under his blankets.
"What?" I asked again
"Well, it just started out with 40 bucks, but eventually Jordan and I ended up taking about 200 dollars and spent it all on crack, thats why I feel like shit this morning."
"And you didn't even save me any?!"
"Well you know, theres no such thing as leftover crack, besides the band. It's and oxymoron!"
"No shit! You could have like, woke me up or something, its not like sleep is important!"
"Well, I tried to get Jordan to come back here and smoke it, but he was being a lazy cunt"
There was a while of silence as I thought about everything Marc said to me. "I CAN'T BELEIVE YOU DIDN'T SAVE ME ANY, YOU ASSHOLE!" I growled at him just as Marya walked in the door. I served her a crepe and conversed a bit about her new pet rat, and then I gave her a hug and kiss goodbye and she left. I sat back down on the couch and looked at Marc and said "I still can't beleive you didn't save me any." I passed a bit of time on the internet and then asked Marc to buy me cigarettes. I walked into my room and pulled a ten dollar bill and a reciept out of my wallet. I threw the reciept on the floor.
Marc got up off the floor and checked to see if his sweater was dry which was hanging in the entry way and said "Holy shit I feel like shit"
"That's what happens when you buy drugs and not share them with Amber" I said to him as he returned to the living room.
"I'm sorry, next time I rob you i'll bring back some crack for you" He said to me as I handed him the ten dollar bill.
"At least you learned your lesson." I told him as he pullen on a pair of thick track pants.
"You know what we should do, we should pretend that you don't know to fuck with Jordan. Tell him you went to the bank and got a shot from the camera and ask him if someone stole his sweater because the person on the camera looked just like him... fuck with him like that"
I laughed and said "Yeah! Or I should just start crying and stuff!" as Marc walked out the door. A couple seconds later Marc walked back in giggle with Jordan following shortly behind.
"Hey i've got your money, I just need to go get it" Jordan said to me digging through his bag, as Marc went out the door again.
"I'll be back in a bit," He said and left.

Here is a little story type thing. It's actually not really a story, this is how my morning went. I thought this whole thing was really amusing. Call me crazy.
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