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I joined a few days ago when Angel showed me the link.. so I figured I'd make a post while she's asleep.
My name is Isobel, how goes it? I am living with Angel for alittle while until I figure out where the fuck I'm going next... uh.. and shit. Thats pretty much it.
I love photography, writing, and glass sculpture, (namsan)... I'm not in the mood for writing at the moment, and... I guess I'll name a few of my favorite bands. ..which you'd better be proud of- because I'm burnt out as fuck and this is going to hurt my head to think about... oh yeah- nevermind- fuck it. a few of them are in my "interests" thing. go ahead and take a look if you really give a damn =).

My AIM is EinsameScheide and... I'm going back to sleep now.
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