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Punker than thou attitudes.

What is with some punks and being so elitist these days? The other day I heard some kid bragging about how he beat up some other kid for liking Cheap Sex (at a Cheap Sex mind you). He was the type whom think he can tell everyone else which punk bands are the only acceptable bands to listen to or you aren't a "true punk". That is complete and utter garbage! Punks whom do that kind of stuff just perpetuate the stereotype that all punks are angry and violent for no reason. Whatever happened to fighting injustice? Whatever happened to fighting for the rights of others? Isn't that what a lot of the original punks did? I don't know maybe I'm wrong. But I do know that somewhere down the road I think that some of the punks out there have forgotten a lot of the key elements of the punk subculture. All this inward fighting and elitism is just bringing the subculture down. Excuse me, I just needed to get that out. Lately, I've been dealing with some punks that really disgust me with their behavior. I actually heard that some group of punks from my neighborhood beat up a kid for being gay. I was really pissed. Intolerance is one of the most un-punk things I can think of.
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