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Even though this is kind of delayed I still decided to post.

A while back somebody posted a picture and a story...I remeber them urging others to do the here ya go cunt


ok left to right: Laura, Kristen, Jenny, Mrs. Kerrigan, Brian, Me and Megan (and thats Jay sitting like a retard)


Mrs. Kerrigan along with my mom, Laura's mom and Kristen/Jenny's mom are best friends. They saw the movie steel magnolia and named themselves the steel forcythias. (its a lil yellow flower). however the name soon changed to simply "The Forcythias". and theyre notorious. all the daughters are called the buds and the boys/husbands are called the thorns. (however we're constantly inventing new names like 'the dirt'). It was Mrs. Kerrigan's 50th birthday so we all got together (Mrs. Kerrigan didnt know we were coming) and set off a bunch of fireworks in her front yard (we almost set a forest fire, however it had recently rained so the 2 rockets that went into the bushes didnt catch). so Mrs. Kerrigan came running out (she thought the noise was coming from the war movie she was waching so she missed the whole display) with her husband. (whos an ex-cop so he wasnt thrilled about the fireworks....theyre illegal to set off in NH) and the whole neighborhood was engulfed in smoke. she was so confused but she wasnt surprised bc this is a typical forcythia stunt. so we wished her happy birthday and left.

the end.

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