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Just joined

Hiiiii. Im Alyson and I just joined,(obviously, haha). Im 16 and I live in Norwalk California. And it can get to be VERY boring here. Some of my faveorite bands are Funeral Dress, Cocksparrer, Oneway System, Vice Squad, Circle Jerks, Devotchkas, Discharge, FEAR, Le Tigre, The Vibrators and etc. I also love 80s, especially dancing to some. I mostly love to go out with my friends, I love my girls to death, be with my awesome boyfriend, go to gigs/shows and of course drink some 40z. Im basically a very nice person but I can be extremely mean. I hate those little hot topic kids who just want to be "punk rock" for the scene and dont even listen to the music. Or they have but like just once. I hate those stupid trendy preppy girls, they simply get on my nerves with their "Hahaha im so perfect" attitudes. I also love to sew but Im on deperate need of a sewing machine. I also HATE Bush, he must die. Well I dont know what else to say other then Lets Party!

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Im with the red bandana(no im not a crust)

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