Justin (die_nazi_scum) wrote in punkrockcunts,


oi to all my favorite cunts i know its been a while but thats bc im poor and dont have a computer ........anyways i tried to get in school today after 2 years of sitting on my ass and the nazi bastards would do shit to help me out so right in front of the pricipal i said "fuck this godamned school and all of your bullshit " im tired of pricks like that ....... but no sweat im over it already i went to the biggest drinking party in my life the other weekend and i had a friend bite a chunk out of my hand that is now infected i was also kicked in the nuts punched in the face a few times pushed off a porch in a wheelchair drug around the yard and stabbed in the chest but all in all it was a good time ummmm well im gonna go now later ladies

justin debt
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