Cock Thirsty (killherdead) wrote in punkrockcunts,
Cock Thirsty

Hey cunts! I havn't really posted a lot in here.. probably because I don't really know what to write about for you all to read. Uhhm, here's an update on life for me... Right now, there are three men smoking crack in my kitchen. I'm thinking about squeezing my way into the circle. My life is fucked up right now due to lack of money. Student loans are utter shit, and the college life really sucks. It's a good thing I have these two randoms living with me. Marc, dumpster dives for our food, and Jordan keeps me pretty sane at times. A good friend of mine is spending four days traveling to see me for three. I'm going on a sort of "blind date" tomorrow with some guy i met on one of those profile websites, and he lives in the area. I'm pretty sure he just wants my sex. Whatever he's going to get me drunk so it's all good. As soon as i'm wasted i'll take my leave.

Anyways my dear cunts what the fuck have you all been up to?

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